Monero has become invulnerable to ASIC-s

Monero has become invulnerable to ASIC-s

As reported by a leading developer of Monero Ricardo Sanji in a post on Github from 24 March, the developers of this Aldona has released a small update that effectively preclude the use of the new X3 Antminer Bitmain announced by the company earlier this month and is intended for mining Monero and other altcoins, is based on the algorithm CryptoNight.

New update Monero called Lithium Luna “slightly changes the algorithm of proof of work to prevent DoS attacks ASIC-s”.

When X3 Antminer was added to the site Bitmain on March 15, Spanje (@fluffypony) said in his Twitter that the device is “NOT working” in the Monero network. The developers back in February, announced on his blog that they intend to make changes to the algorithm Proof of Work (PoW) to address the threat mining ASIC AMI.

Spanje later updated his post and said that even if the algorithm changes will have some flaws, they Monero will still follow this line, because the community gave a clear signal that he didn’t want threats from Bitmain:

This update is part of a larger upgrade to v0.12, which is supposed to happen on 6 April 2018.

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