Monero declares war on the manufacturers of ASIC-s

Monero declares war on the manufacturers of ASIC-s

The most sensitive cryptanalyst Monero declared war on the manufacturers of ASIC-s.

The reason for such decisive action was the growing concern of crypto currency miners, using mining graphics card. They all wonder what to do if Bitmain or another manufacturer, mining farms will develop a specialized integrated circuit (Application Specific Integrated Circuit—ASIC) for lane Cryptonight hashing algorithm “Proof of Work” (proof of work) XMR.

In his statement on Sunday, the Monero developers tried to calm users by explaining that they will seek to improve the resistance of the network to the ASIC am slightly modifying the algorithm of PoW with every planned hard forks, which occur twice a year. These changes will go unnoticed for the casual user XMR, but each time changing the hash algorithm of the network, they will achieve what Cryptonight ASIC miners will become unusable after each fork.

If these planned adjustments PoW is not enough to secure mining with ASIC-s, Monero is ready to hold “a Very powerful hardwork just to keep any potential threat from the ASIC-s”.

According to developers, such a proactive position, will retain equity and the decentralization of mining Monero, at least as long as the same will not be the ASIC-industry.

“ASIC can become inevitable development for any “Proof of Work””, — stated in the message dEBRYUNE, dnaleor, and the Monero project, but we believe that any transition to a network dominated by ASIC and should be as egalitarian to preserve decentralization. At the moment we suspect that any new Cryptonight ASIC will not egalitarian and will contribute to the preservation of the decentralized network.”

The authors warn that because the market ASIC s currently dominated by a small group of producers, primarily the Chinese giant Bitmain, state regulators ought to force these companies to build in the farm “safety switches” or to make so that they sell ASIC-and only those customers who received a special state license.

The first adjustment of the PoW will be implemented on the following the hard forks of Monero network, scheduled for March.

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