Monero and Litecoin are getting closer. As far as possible the partnership between the two top currencies?

Monero and Litecoin are getting closer. As far as possible the partnership between the two top currencies?

The Creator of Monero (XMR) Ricardo Sanji and the Creator of Litecoin (LTC) Charlie Lee exchanged tweets, from which it is clear that they are both not averse to work together for the good of his creatures:

Extremely productive few days. Finally was able to work shoulder to why the Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee and talk to him about a possible merger of Litecoin and Monero Enterprise Alliance Enterprise Alliance, I think that the combined organization will be called LAMEA.

Lee, who in the past have repeatedly said that Litecoin is necessary to increase the degree of anonymity, immediately responded with a series of tweets:

Despite the jokes @fluffypony I think that the cooperation between Litecoin and Monero both currencies would only benefit. I recently asked him to work on the implementation of atomic swaps between LTC and XMR.

In the above tweet underscores what is fast becoming the future direction of development of cryptocurrency – atomically swaps that allow you to instantly and safely exchange one cryptocurrency to another, without intermediaries. Technology atomic swap is one of the most promising directions in development of cryptocurrency, and Charlie Lee is actively experimenting with it. In this series of tweets said that the anonymity and functionality of Monero perfectly complemented the liquidity of Litecoin:

I think that both currencies stand to benefit as a result. Users of Monero will get the necessary liquidity, and users of Litecoin – anonymity and functionality.

Charlie Lee is not the first time cooperates with other cryptocurrencies. Previously, he supported the project Dogecoin, having the opportunity both for mining cryptocurrency at the same time.

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Recently Charlie Lee sold all of its funds in Litecoin, which caused ambiguous reaction in the world of cryptocurrency.

Whatever it was, but the partnership with the Monero will save a lot of time in the development of Litecoin, but will also be beneficial for Monero so the likelihood of this scenario is very high.

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