MobileGo ICO is one of the most successful blockchain projects the gaming industryAdvertising

MobileGo ICO is one of the most successful blockchain projects the gaming industryAdvertising

MobileGO is one of the most interesting blockchain-recent projects. Despite the turmoil of recent times, internal and external, token MobileGO has been and remains a profitable asset, really bringing the holder. How is it that the whole market in the “red zone”, and MGO grow? All in good time.

The idea MobileGO belongs to the team known for developing coins GAME, which is designed for the computer games industry. In 2016, the team came to Sergei and Maxim Sholom. The new members it was decided to hold krausel and ICO MobileGO – a completely new project. MobileGO is, in fact, was a continuation and development of the ideas developed in previous projects. One of the main directions of the token, as you can tell from the title, became mobile, and computer games.

Another way to use tokens MGO was the platform of eSports, currently in development. Tokens were given the opportunity to participate in independent tournaments using peer-to-peer connection. This is implemented using smart contracts Ethereum.

MobileGO ICO has collected 53 000 000 dollars in may 2017. In the summer of MGO tokens could be bought at cryptocurrency exchanges. But then followed a series of operational errors and the split command.

Largely on hand MobileGO played HYIP cryptocurrency token jumped from about 59 cents at the start of sales to 1.89 dollars at the peak. Great support was given to the token and the updated plans now MGO is planned to integrate in the new gaming ecosystem GNation.

In the spring of the token adjusted and the team worked on the new partnership agreements. By the summer, when all other currencies continued to fall, MobileGO began to grow more than 500% over the past two months. By this point in the community were only truly loyal to the ideas of the project people. And now the developers have decided a little to please the community in November, will be launched airdrop. On the official website MobileGO to fast all the information about the distribution, so it’s worth to visit it. Further details can be found on the website of airdrop:

Now (2 November 2018) the token costs about 70 cents, making it one of the few altcoins that are more expensive than at the start of sales. Developers continue to actively support and to finish the project, so the growth of the MGO is provided.

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