Millions of domain names: a new kind of investment in the cryptocurrency space

Millions of domain names: a new kind of investment in the cryptocurrency space

Thirty-two years ago a Massachusetts company Symbolics Inc. registered the domain name So in March 1985, began the history of domain names, and today some of them are valued at millions of dollars.

2017 was a breakthrough of Bitcoin. Together with the main crypto currency the wave of popularity has covered altcoins and blockchain technology. This led to the fact that the most popular domain names today contain a definition of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Digital fever

Despite the fact that many new investors initially focused on the cryptocurrency, there are those who see the benefit in investing in domain names. Begins a real hunt for domain names, the title of which refers to digital assets to the blockchain. On Ethereum Name Service (ENS) held auctions for the sale of domain names. Although nowadays the use and popularity of domain names .ETH are not so great, the tendency to growth is obvious.

In late November a domain name was for sale on the site Uniregistry Market for $10 million, and the domain name it was acquired by a famous investor Surgilon Salem for $2 million

More impressive offerings

The President of the company Blockchain TV Jason Cassidy has assembled a collection of over 500 of the best domain names using the word Blockchain. This “portfolio was offered for sale at a price of $6 million for the Purchase of this domain group will be the largest acquisition in the use of the brand into the Future. Interest in investing in domain names that contain in its name the Blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2017 significantly increased. Prospect for them in 2018 looks even more intriguing.

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