Mike Novogratz: after 15 years, almost each database will run on the blockchain

Mike Novogratz: after 15 years, almost each database will run on the blockchain

6 Jun in an interview with Bloomberg, Mike Novogratz, CEO and founder of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, shared his views on cryptocurrency and rules concerning them.

Billionaire on the Forbes list in 2007 and 2008, Novogratz is also the former Manager of hedge funds and a veteran of wall street. Mike shared his attitude towards cryptocurrencies and the blockchain and what future awaits them:

“In 15 years, cryptocurrency and the blockchain will drastically change the Internet — the global network will become Internet 3.0”

Novogratz also added that cryptocurrency will become a global phenomenon, regardless of whether they are better than the Internet or worse. According to him, cryptocurrency is a great asset for macro trader.

Mike said that he first “stumbled on crypto-currencies” in 2012 during the financial crises:

“… at that time people had a distrust of Fiat money and Central banks … the people who were worried about inflation, think about the use of this new technology and decided that this may be a new asset through decentralization”.

When Mike asked if he understands how the cryptocurrency, he said that close to understanding this technology:

“The unique design Satoshi? I believe that two Nobel prizes, one of which is for a breakthrough in computer science. Second — the idea of token economy in which the token is used as a stimulus for creating new communities and business ideas. These two aspects make cryptocurrency is a very powerful force …”

Novogratz predicts that with the emergence of a growing number of users, the blockchain will slow down.

He also acknowledges the fact that although he started investing in 2012, 6 years later, he knows about cryptocurrency, not all.

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