Microsoft started accepting bitcoin payments

Microsoft started accepting bitcoin payments

Tech giant Microsoft Corporation is again accepting bitcoin payments in its online store.

Microsoft first added the option of payment in bitcoins for digital products in 2014, allowing US customers to use the cryptocurrency to buy content including apps, games and videos from Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. During this time the company three times has suspended accepting cryptocurrency in 2015, 2016 and last week.

According to Bleeping Computer, Microsoft last week suspended bitcoin transactions, citing the unstable state of the cryptocurrency. The reason was the high volatility and fees.

However, today Microsoft have confirmed that the payments in bitcoin already restored:

“Bitcoin is again available as a payment method in the Microsoft store. Together with the provider, the company held a job in which customers will be able to use a lower amount in bitcoin for payments”.

A platform for online games Steam also removed the option of receiving payments in bitcoin in early December, citing chronic problems with high transaction fees and volatility of cryptocurrency.

Such unpopular measures, the company were forced to make due to the recent extreme price fluctuations of bitcoin.Only a month ago, the cryptocurrency soared to a record high of $20 000. Since then, prices fluctuated, gradually declining. At the time of publishing the article according to CoinMarketCap bitcoin was trading above $14 500.

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