Microraiden start in Ethereum

Microraiden start in Ethereum

On the main ethereum blockchain solution is launched for payment channels Raiden.

A few months ago a project called μRaiden, better known as “microraiden”, was launched in a test ethereum, yesterday – on the main blockchain. The idea of the project, which is a simplified version of the network Raiden, still under development, is to create a mechanism for micropayments, similar to the Lightning network in the Bitcoin network.

Like Lightning, Raiden is one of the variants of the scaling network, it creates a second level that will exist over the main bloccano. Using this second level, users can create payment channels that will enable them to carry out transactions at a lower price, regardless of whether they send ethers or tokens, compatible with ERC-20.

Working on Microraiden the development team sought to create tools for decentralized applications (dapp) to open payment channels, thus avoiding the more complex functions, designed for a full run Raiden.

During the consultations with the developers of dapp, we noticed that many of them just want to use Raiden Network as a reliable system for payment channels “from many to one”, i.e. when one service provider provides services to its returning customers.

One of the developers, Lefteris Karapetsas said yesterday that the current release is intended to “catch all bugs”, so they created a limit on the maximum number of tokens Raiden (RDN) that may be deposited.

This release is aimed at “catching bugs”, we recommend to use only a small amount of RDN as a Deposit to create channels. To this end, we limited the maximum amount of Deposit up to 100 RDN.

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