MetaMask inexplicably disappears from the Chrome web store

MetaMask inexplicably disappears from the Chrome web store

Today it became clear that a popular plugin MetaMask removed from web store Google Chrome. Team MetaMask no idea why this happened, Google did not comment on their actions.

The news was announced through the official account on Twitter MetaMask:

According to a later tweet of the team of those who already have this software running in Chrome, delisting will not affect. However, new users cannot access the installer plugin MetaMask using Google Chrome.

The team also noted that they are working on a fix for this problem, and users may use other browsers that support the plugin. These include: Brave, Firefox and Opera.

For those who don’t know, MetaMask works as a kind of bridge between the web browsers we use today, and decentralized World Wide Web of the future. The plugin allows you to use Ethereum dApps in browser without running a full node. At the moment, this software is vital for mass distribution Ethereum.

One Twitter user dared to suggest that unexpected delisting MetaMask happened by chance, because MetaMask has the identical keywords with previously banned mining plug-in in the browser.

Sudden refusal to support plug-in gave rise to calls for a boycott of Google Chrome. It has been suggested that browser for the digital currency community needs to become Brave.

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