Meet Ripple! Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange has added a new trading pair XRP/UAH

Meet Ripple! Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange has added a new trading pair XRP/UAH

In early January, the first in Eastern Europe public exchange scriptaction KUNA promised its users to open trades XRP/UAH.

Promised — did. Now, the Ukrainians, and not only, can buy and sell Ripple directly for the hryvnia.

The KUNA exchange in the market from April 2016. It is the brainchild of Agency KUNA Agency, which in addition develops a number of other projects in the blockchain industry. Creator platform — Michael chobanian.

Users of the exchange to fully appreciate the convenience of shopping on KUNA crypto-currencies for the hryvnia to using a credit card. Many have noted a low fee, quick technical support, as well as the speed of the input and output of money.

But do not forget that after the rise of exchanges and the growing interest of fraud to the service – or rather, to the accounts of its users. They all ways try to get your data (login and password exchange) to seize other people’s money.

Team Kuna strongly recommends you:

1. To enable 2fa as on the stock exchange, and the email service that you use to log on to the exchange.

2. Remember that the domain of the exchange is just one, all the other domains – phishing (fraudulent). Enter this address into your browser’s bookmarks and go to the exchange only from bookmarks! Not through search, not the advertising link, not using other people’s links from chats and instant messengers. Be careful: if the site looks “not so”, the links lead to “technobody” or inactive, better ask the support chat ( – if you’re logged in. Check the address in your browser and make sure that you are on the, not anywhere else.

3. Don’t keep significant funds on the stock exchange. We appreciate your trust, but the exchange is not a wallet. Better to keep funds on the purses, from which you have private keys.

To read detailed recommendations KUNA for security here.

About what kind of Ripple wallets for you to choose read more here

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