Meet Honeyminer application that will mine bitcoins on a laptop

Meet Honeyminer application that will mine bitcoins on a laptop

New software for mining cryptocurrency promises to almost everyone to earn small amount of bitcoins using a regular laptop running Windows. According to the developers, we will again be able to experience the romance of the time when the cryptocurrency was born, and no one thought about the special miners and farms.

Mining startup in new Jersey, Honeyminer, has released a free beta version of their program that has already been downloaded 10,000 users. The app allows you to create global pool when the graphics processor of a conventional computer (GPU) is not used for image processing or video.

Poole focuses on the mining of ethereum, ethereum classic, zcash for, monero and other GPU-friendly cryptocurrency. Then, at the end of the mining process, Honeyminer sends the income of the participant, converted into Bitcoin directly to the wallet of the user.

“The miner must perform mathematical calculations, manage all the configurations and settings or manually monitor prices,” said consultant Honeyminer Noah Jessop, a venture capitalist from Founder Collective in San Francisco.

This type of services offers new opportunities for people who want to own Batocina, but they have little money for investment or limited access to the cryptocurrency exchangers. App from Honeyminer slightly reduce the advantage of large mining centers with expensive specialized equipment.

The algorithm automatically switches between cryptocurrencies every 10 minutes or so, depending on the size of the unit, or in case of sudden changes in profitability of production of currency.

“We bring people together to quickly find the reward for the block. Together we generated more Hasrat — says one of the founders Honeyminer Larry Kom. “We connect you to the blockchain and retain your anonymity, but you are contributing to what is, in fact, minig-pool”.

Of course, this is not the most profitable way of mining, given the high volatility of the coin (from 2.5% to 8%, depending on the capabilities of the equipment of the miner). Even a powerful GPU can earn coins, worth one or two dollars, after a whole day of non-stop work program. But, of course, Honeyminer offers the easiest method of mining today.

“If you have heard about cryptography and you want to learn it, you can either go and pay a round sum, or to download the program for 30 seconds and start earning bitcoin for free”.

The developers Honeyminer inspired arguments about the dominance of Bitmain in the world of mining, while providing FOR a narrow circle of firms controlling almost all mining pools.

But, according to David Viorica, the CEO of the company is Nebulous, the management Siacoin and Obelisk, the new application will not be able to change such a large ecosystem, but is able to attract new ones, given that Honeyminer — closed source

Arguing on this topic, Vorik suggested that over the next two years, mining with GPUs will disappear altogether:

We will soon see the ASIC chips that will support a huge number of different algorithms. Once that happens — GPU icsnet forever from the world of mining.

For better or worse, the team Honeyminer recognizes that they will have to expand the package of services and features for different types of users. For newcomers Honeyminer will soon provide the ability to send their bitcoins in wallets on third party platforms such as Coinbase.

Regardless of whether it’s a cheap laptop, or professional equipment, “each computer will receive the task on the basis of their specific performance and capability”.

Also in development is a specialized version for professional miners called Honeyminer Pro. The program helps power consumption and also allows you to manually select the digital currency mining.

“I would say that we now have no competitors, so we built what is built,” concluded Larry Kom.

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