McDonald’s launches its own crypto currency MacCoin

McDonald’s launches its own crypto currency MacCoin

The famous Big Mac Burger from day to day will be 50 years old, and McDonald’s decided to celebrate this most popular way of 2018 — releasing their own crypto currency. Why in quotation marks? — there are some nuances.

Nowadays, cryptography is the direction of the mega-popular, and McDonald’s decided not to keep up with the trend and start an independent currency game, releasing real physical coin called “MacCoin”. At least one can be sure that the course is steady and the price for one Big Mac, ie 3.99 dollar.

Starting with dinner on 2 August, customers will be able to MacCoin when buying a Big Mac in 14,000 restaurants across the United States. Those who are on a diet, will be able to purchase the coin the next day. Selling MacCoin will be held in more than 50 countries:

“A variety of exciting gifts in each of the countries participating in celebrating the release MacCoin its own unique way”

In an interview with USA Today CEO of McDonald’s Steve Easterbrook explained that Thursday (August 2) by chance was chosen as the day of release MacCoin. On this day, Jim, Bellatti, the Creator of the Big Mac, would have turned 100 years old. The author of one of the symbols of America owned a McDonald’s franchise in Western Pennsylvania.

The idea of the coins arose due to the role that Big Mac played in the measurement of purchasing power. In 1986 The Economist started to use the Big Mac index as a way of measuring the purchasing power.

“They use it to this day, says Easterbrook, so why not have some fun, we thought? Create your own currency!”.

For the 50-year history of its existence, the Big Mac has become an American icon, no less famous than Coca Cola or Levi’s jeans, which, as you probably remember, “rose”, all of America.

In 2007, in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, in honor of the juiciest hamburger in the world, founded the restaurant-Museum “Big Mac Museum”. Inside a sculpture of a Big Mac is 4 meters 30 cm in height and 3.65 m in diameter.

In 2016, the branch of McDonald’s in the UK sold for 95,000 dollars on eBay a bottle of the sauce used in the Burger.

According to McDonald’s, last year it sold 1.3 billion Big Mac-s.

But back to MacCoin. The coin will include five unique designs, each representing a decade of the Big Mac:

• 70 years: a decade of the “flower children” (hippies)

• 80-ies: pop-art culture

• 90-ies: bold, abstract forms

• The beginning of 00-ies: the power of advanced technologies

• 2010s: all the attention on the evolution of communications

In fact, MacCoin — just a coupon or voucher for the purchase of burgers that McDonald’s will distribute in 50 countries. However, the idea definitely like acne Buterin, who in one of his recent interview suggested a new way of promoting and developing cryptocurrency market through the sale of prepaid cards and vouchers, in denominations of $5-$100 (bitcoin) in retail stores around the world.

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