McAfee Freedom Coin — coin zero-cost, but accepted everywhere

McAfee Freedom Coin — coin zero-cost, but accepted everywhere

Known cryptomnesia, the founder of MGT Capital Investments and the candidate in US presidents John McAfee is a new cryptocurrency that will bear his name. Mysterious McAfee Freedom Coin will be launched in the autumn of 2019 — this cryptoanalyst wrote in his Twitter.

While it is clear only that John called the coin its name, but what about the inside? The new cryptocurrency has some distinctive features, which he hastened to convey to their fans to disappoint them, or at least confusing.

No, she’s not Melnitsa. No, we do not announce the ICO. No, we are not looking for investors. No, we’re not represented on the exchange. No, we will not give more information until the release of the official whitepaper. Yes, it’s real.

As it turned out later, the mission of coins is associated with the idea of “economic freedom.” Before appearing in the network whitepaper, John McAfee has published a small release about a new cryptocurrency:

“McAfee Freedom Coin designed in order to confront the problem of the direct exchange using unique paradigms and new structural concepts. It is not tied to any product and is not related to the value or behavior of any external subject or object. The coin value will always be zero relative to any other currency, but its natural market value is free to grow.”

He expressed the opinion about the shortcomings of Fiat money and other cryptocurrencies, explaining:

“For this we need a coin that was disconnected from paper currencies and other crypto — coin zero-cost, but accepted everywhere.”

Fans inundated with questions about McAfee McAfee Freedom Coin, wanting to know more details, for example, is expected to profit from such a mysterious product. But any clear answers they received.

So, based on a short release and Twitter at McAfee, we know that McAfee Freedom Coin can be purchased. It can be moved between wallets, but it will not be traded on exchanges, such as Binance, because it has no value compared to other cryptocurrencies. Probably as its Creator, the coin will be unique and different.

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