Marketplace Listia raised $15 million in ICO

Marketplace Listia raised $15 million in ICO

Listia, the startup that is aimed at the development of a decentralized market, raised $15 million in 12 minutes during the ICO.

The project Listia, which plans to launch its peer-to-peer trading venue next month, has attracted funding from more than 4,000 investors during the ICO. Founded in 2009 the startup is already working on a more traditional online market, but develop new services based on decentralized technologies.

The company said that the sale of tokens ended 12 minutes after it had been collected planned amount of $15 million According to General Director of Gia Chang, the round was attended by such famous companies as ConsenSys Ventures and Capital Tetras.

The startup has announced the launch of its Ink Protocol on the market on 28 February. On the same day, users of the site will get their own tokens XIK from Listia that they can use for the purchase or sale of items listed on the website of the company. Chang said that the launch of the project will take part to 10 million users that have received tokens XNK.

Ink Protocol aimed at the decentralization of markets, allowing users to list an item for sale without the fear that their profile will be removed from the site.

Chang spoke about the principle of the Protocol:

“Ink Protocol decentralized markets, allowing buyers and sellers to control their reputation, to choose a trading platform according to their favourites. This will allow them to securely pay for goods and services without relying on any centralized service provider”.

Protocol Listia allows users to list the same item on multiple trading platforms. Each listing will change as needed, ie after purchasing the product. The seller will no longer need to manually edit information about the listing.

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