Map for mining from Nvidia may appear sooner than expected

Map for mining from Nvidia may appear sooner than expected

Leading graphics card manufacturer Nvidia plans to release a special product designed for miners.

According to preliminary data model will be based on the Inno3D model GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. In fact, it would be a clone of this product, but with some improvements specifically for the needs of mining.

The new line will be equipped with an outdated version of chips “Pascal”, which was set at card GTX 1080 Ti and Titan. Unlike gaming products the amount of memory in the card will be adjustable for improved performance, but in a new product, there will be no video output.

The map will be installed cooling system Twin X2 from Inno3D with two fans.

Map P102-100 similar to map P104-100 from Nvidia. They come with a 3200 CUDA processors with a base frequency of 1582 MHz. Memory 5 GB memory type – GDDR5X. Memory bandwidth is 400 GB/s. They come with support for PCIe Gen1 x4 slot and two 8-pin PCI-E. Maximum power is 250 watts.

P102-100 offers the following Hasrat: ETH ~ 47 mhs; ZEC ~ 660 Sol/s; XMR ~ 879 hs. Data about Inno3D, are for reference only and naturally can change as new card will be specially optimized for Etash. Price information is currently lacking.

Change of plans

Serious sales growth in the crypto segment in the past year has forced major producers to adapt to growing market demand. According to some reports, more than 3 million cards were purchased by miners in 2017, while sales reached $ 776 million. Advanced Micro Systems (AMD), the closest competitor, nVidia announced plans to release a special product for the miners.

However, companies fear a decline in demand caused by market and regulatory risks. Including because of this, nVidia has delayed the release of a new product until July, but now it becomes clear that it may happen sooner than expected.

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