Manufacturer of computer games Atari plans to launch its own cryptocurrency

Manufacturer of computer games Atari plans to launch its own cryptocurrency

Manufacturer of iconic games such as Pac-Man and Pong, plans to launch its own cryptocurrency called “Atari Token”.

In this project, Atari acquired 15% of the shares of the Gibraltar company Infinity Networks Ltd and issued her a license to use their brand. The partnership aims at the development and further development of digital entertainment platform, is based on the Atari Token. Game developer notes that his investments were “done with no financial investment on the part of Atari”.

Chief Executive officer Atari Frederick Chesnais commented on this partnership:

Our goal is to take strategic positions with limited monetary risk.

Earlier, Atari had already used virtual currency of the same name, as in-game currency. Will the new Atari token to perform this function is unclear.

In addition, Atari said it plans to use cryptocurrencies as part of its new partnership with Pariplay, Ltd., which operates in the field of online casinos. To do this, perhaps it will create another token.

To increase the attractiveness of these casinos, and as soon as the token Atari, Atari is launching project Pong Token, the second token is designed for cryptocurrency casinos. Details about this project will appear later.

As you might expect, this announcement is compared with the recent announcement from Kodak, the former photo giant, which has licensed its brand to create KodakCoin. The project was announced in January, with plans to hold the ICO at the end of this month.

According to Bloomberg, the price of Atari stock shows a marked increase after the announcement.

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