Man, threatening with a pistol, stole another $1.8 million in Ethereum

Man, threatening with a pistol, stole another $1.8 million in Ethereum

In new York there appeared before the court a man accused of stealing cryptocurrency. 4 Nov Luis Meza held a gun to your friends head, drove him into a van, where he was persuaded to part with their cryptocurrency wallet. In result crimes, the robber got $1.8 million in the cryptocurrency.

The robber Luis Meza in the court room

If a friend was… the enemy!

Technology over time are improved, what can be said about criminals. If the charges against the robber confirmed, the 35-year-old Luis Meza will go down in history as the author of one of the most brazen and unsophisticated robberies. $1.8 million in cryptocurrency Ethereum was stolen by the attacker, the alleged friend at gunpoint. Given the nature of blockchain technology, the police easily managed to track the transfer of considerable sums, which appeared on account of the accused on the following day.

As reported by NY Daily News, district attorney of Manhattan, CY Vance Jr. said in court that the current case demonstrates how “cybercrime is closely linked with violent crime”. Unfortunately, modern criminals will not disdain the lowest and the vile measures for the sake of easy money. Only now we are talking about cryptocurrency. Before that were stolen dollars, gold or Air Jordan shoes. However, in all cases, the criminals have one thing in common – the result of their waiting for one end.

It is amazing and sad at the same time that the growth rate of the cryptocurrency is able to break up a friendship and lead to such events. This case proves once again that the information about your cryptocurrency portfolio is worth keeping in privacy. After all, while this may be quite a modest sum, but no one knows what will happen in time. We should remember that even the most complex password can’t protect your assets from the armed bandits.

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