Malaysia will be the first city where all tourists have to exchange Fiat to cryptocurrencies

Malaysia will be the first city where all tourists have to exchange Fiat to cryptocurrencies

The world appeared first cryptogram, where the circulation of Fiat. A wonderful place located in Malaysia, in the historic centre of Malacca. Project managers hope to attract at least 3 million tourists this year through assisting in the development of new technologies. British journalists of the newspaper The Sun have compared to Mallaca with Disneyland.

Draft cryptoguard developed in collaboration with the Chinese government. Its area will amount to 835 acres, the area will accommodate the necessary infrastructure and even some educational institutions.

Where you can spend your bitcoins

At the entrance to the town all tourists are urged to exchange their banknotes for the local currency DMI Coin. However, they will need to do it in any case — the local hotels do not accept dollars or euros only cryptocurrency.

By the way, the process of payment of services or goods on the territory of Melaka as optimized as possible. To transfer funds to the tourists, it is sufficient to use a special mobile app which is available on iOS and Android. For the development of the application as well as DMI — Coin- responsible company DMI.

Recall, this is not the only project of urban scale, promoting active use of the cryptocurrency. In June last year, the news of the first kryptolite Agnes water. Something similar is now trying to implement in the Nevada desert, and Liverpool blockchain needs to help you become the most environmentally friendly place in the world.

However, do not hurry to rejoice — according to some experts, cryptoguard in Malaysia is unlikely to be an accurate reflection cryptoeconomy in practice. If every visitor receives their own tokens, then how is this place different from the imaginary currency of Disneyland?

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