Major cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex will resume the registration of new users

Major cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex will resume the registration of new users

Bill Shihara, CEO Bittrex, confirmed that the exchange opens trading for dollars the majority of their customers.

Bill Shihara and two of his business partner founded Bittrex in 2013. Previously they all worked in the security Department of Microsoft. Chihara believes that the initial success Bittrex was due to two factors: the experience of its founders in the security sector and their willingness not to hide their identities at a time when majority of the exchanges were anonymous.

Bittrex cryptocurrency has stirred up the public when in October 2017 was suddenly cut thousands of accounts without notifying users in advance. And in December announced that registration of new users is no longer possible, due to the huge volume of applications and the inability of the staff to carefully check each new user.

Chihara noted that since Bittrex is an exchange from the USA, they are very serious about their legal obligations KYC and AML, the observance of which requires a large number of employees for inspection. On the issue of service Chihara said they hope to add another 20 in the spring of contractors, bringing the total number to 80.

Chihara also added that user registration will soon open again, but for new users there will be additional requirements, such as minimum trading deposits. Bill believes that such a position ensures that new users are “people who understand what they’re doing.”

The company Bittrex is not intended for retail clients, it is aimed at an audience more sophisticated or institutional traders, said Sihara.

As for future plans, Bittrex, Chihara mentioned the partnership with the Korean stock exchange Upbit, which will give the latter access to liquidity Bittrex, and Bittrex access to the retail market. He said that in the coming months will be signed more partnership agreements.

Chihara holds meetings with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) to discuss the possibility of trading in securities in the future, because he sees the potential Bittrex to trade securities. He believes that regulation is inevitable:

“If we want Bitcoin was ubiquitous and traded around the world, we need governments and institutions, accepting it.”

Chihara discovered cryptocurrency in 2011, when I started mine bitcoins in his garage. When the price dropped from $ 60 to $ 6 bill on emotions even threw my laptop, along with namelennym BTC.

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