Major canadian trading platform introduced its own cryptocurrency

Major canadian trading platform introduced its own cryptocurrency

Popular canadian trading and barter online platform Bunz Trading Zone launches its own cryptocurrency, according to local newspaper The Globe and Mail 9 APR.

Token BTZ (pronounced “Bitts”) is “the first canadian cryptocurrency for release in an already established limited community of users of the trading platform Bunz”.

Initially, in 2013, Bunz was a closed community in Facebook created by designer Emily Bitts for sharing unneeded things with friends. Those wishing to join the group became larger and the need to create their own web site grew. In 2016, was launched on the app Bunz and long awaited website.

The Globe and Mail explains the massive popularity of the platform only two factors — ease of use and lack of cash. At the same time it is the lack of currency barter platform has exposed the biggest problem Bunz. No money exchange no “obvious source of income.”

CEO Sasha Mojtahedi shared information that the company has developed a model income, while the CEO declined to describe, and even to announce a release date (if it ever takes place). According to Mojtahedi run BTZ is designed to attract more users to the platform:

“You will have the opportunity to reward users with cryptocurrency, which they earned as a result of his passive participation in the network. This will create conditions for the use of cryptocurrency in the payments to other network members and merchants. This will allow us to develop new models, which users still have no idea “.

According to the project blog, each user will receive 1000 Bunz BTZ, which can be exchanged for goods and services. First time for 1000 BTZ you can buy “three cups of coffee.” BTZ is available for 200,000 users of the platform with 9 APR.

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