MailChimp introduces a ban on cryptocurrency projects

MailChimp introduces a ban on cryptocurrency projects

Marketing platform MailChimp, which is mainly specialized on providing services to bulk mail stated that it will cease to provide the services for cryptocurrency projects starting next month.

In an email sent to the client MailChimp, the company said that it will not allow you to use her service for the cryptocurrency campaigns, because they are “too often involve fraud, phishing and deceptive business practices.”

The policy change will take effect April 30.

We decided to update our acceptable use policy to protect the millions of companies that use MailChimp for your marketing. We recognize that the blockchain technology is in its infancy and has huge potential.

The ban is reflected in the acceptable use policy of the company, which was updated Thursday:

… we do not provide services to companies participating in any way in the sale, transaction, exchange, storage, marketing, or production of cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies and any digital assets related to ICO.

Later, MailChimp said in his Twitter that “the ban has everything to do with cryptocurrencies” if the sender does not sell, trade, store or involved in marketing the cryptocurrency projects, this information could be disseminated through the services of the company MailChimp.

However, as rightly noted by one of the users of Twitter, it is unclear how and who will decide what is a simple dissemination of information and marketing.

We will remind that since January, several major Internet companies have taken similar steps, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In the case of Google policy change will not take effect until June.

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