Litecoin wallets with Cash scattered from space

Litecoin wallets with Cash scattered from space

17 may 2018 from space over great Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands threw the “Golden tickets” that contains more than 160 000 tokens Litecoin Cash.

Such an unusual step to attract people to your project went developers LCC in conjunction with the company Sent to Space, which cooperates with many universities as well as with the British space Agency over local launches.

And if you happen to be nearby, try to tempt fate in this quest. Even considering the young age of LCC, it is worth remembering that the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, and one day 5000 LCC can cost 5,000 or 50,000 dollars. At the time of writing, each ticket costs slightly more than $ 700.

Why from space?

Cryptocurrency market is primarily influenced by the FUD and marketing. Occasionally, to attract new users and accelerate the adoption of a cryptocurrency developers to literally throw her off the plane. LCC decided to go ahead and spend spacedrop that is spread the coins out of space with the height of 32 000 feet. Only 400 tickets.

How to find the winning ticket?

If you are lucky to be in a radius of several kilometers from the launch site, you will be able to find one of the “Golden tickets”. Each of them contains a secret code that you need to send the developers an email to get your winnings. Only to a special address was placed 160 000 LCC. Also at this address accept donations that will be distributed among the winners. Map space reset you can read here.

Litecoin Cash — a fork of Litecoin, which occurred at the height of the block 1371111. The main advantages of LCC according to the developers — the transaction rate (compared to bitcoin), low Commission and the SHA-256 algorithm (compared to Litecoin), allowing the use of old equipment for mining, now the for bitcoin mining.

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