Litecoin has lost half of its value. Charlie Lee once again accused of manipulating the price

Litecoin has lost half of its value. Charlie Lee once again accused of manipulating the price

Litecoin fell to sixth place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, losing half its value in less than a month.

According to Markets Insider, the cryptocurrency created by a former engineer at Coinbase, Charlie Lee as a more rapid alternative to the flagship Bitcoin in December reached a record cost of 365 USD. On Tuesday afternoon, the price had dropped to $ 178.

During the astronomical rise of Litecoin its Creator nor had the chance to slocate charges in the address. Many users believed that Charlie is manipulating the price of Litecoin using statements on Twitter and public appearances. To stop such attacks in their favor in December 2017, Li said that he “sold or transferred to charity,” all my litecoin.

“Whenever I publish a tweet about the price of Litecoin or even just good or bad news, I blame the fact that I’m doing this for personal gain,” he said on Reddit . “Some people even think that I Shorty LTC! “.

Now, after the fall of the price of Litecoin, Charlie again to blame. At this time, “he specifically sold all my coins at the ATH (all time high), i.e. at the maximum rate all the time.” Here is what this says about Charlie:

For those who are convinced that I sold at the maximum rate, explain: I used to sell in three stages: August 12 at a price of $96, November 12 – $155 and 18 December for $350. The average price for me was $205. Nobody’s business at what price I sold my LTC and I’m already tired of the whole Haight, associated with the “sold ATH”.

Li said litecoin what part he sold or donated, but this did not deter the cryptocurrency from dropping the Litecoin price began to fall soon after the announcement of the sale of Charlie whether his savings and continues to fall.

Litecoin is trading at 4000% from their prices a year ago, and currently its market capitalization is 10.1 billion dollars. According to a new study by SEMRush profit Litecoin (and Ripple ) have come at the expense of Ethereum.

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