Lisk – hope the cryptocurrency markets in General sales

Lisk – hope the cryptocurrency markets in General sales

After a very hard day for the cryptocurrency, the situation has improved slightly this morning during Asian trading.

Bitcoin is still on the decline and worth less than 10 thousand dollars, but most of the altcoins began to recover after yesterday’s collapse. Among them stands out Lisk, entrenched by nearly 60% in just a few minutes.

According to reports, Lisk is listed on the main Japanese exchange BitFlyer. This has led to breakthrough price at the time of publication of notice in the official Twitter account of the company. It was just the push she needed a token after Wednesday — the worst day on the market over the past few months.

Slowly but surely

Over the last week, LSK held at 22 dollars. This is one of the few altcoins that opposition to significant fluctuations in the market. The price soared yesterday around 5:30 UTC, according to Coinmarketcap, where for half an hour the cost Lisk jumped to $ 35. Since then, there have been a market correction, and the value of currency returned to the current level of $ 26. Over the last month LSK steadily increased in price for a total amount of about 35%.

Lisk is a little different from the usual cryptocurrency. It provides a platform for developers who can develop your own blockchain application using Javascript.

Bright future

Adding Lisk on BifFlyer is an important event because the Japanese exchange is Coinbase. At the moment it is listed bitcoin Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum and Japanese Monacoin cryptocurrency. Adding Lisk on one of the largest markets of cryptocurrencies, no doubt, will increase its value.

Lisk will also appear in the applications list for trading Robinhood, the launch of which is expected this year. Thanks to this, the currency will become even more popular. At the moment, Lisk company rebranding. On February 20 in Berlin, planned for an important event, which will be presented the new brand and will also be made a few announcements, due to which LSK will only be strengthened.

Now the market capacity Lisk is 3 billion dollars, which removes the currency 16th place in the ranking of the market capitalization at the time of this writing. The most popular platforms for LSK are Binance, followed by South Korean exchange Upbit and Bittrex. At the moment, Lisk is the only alithina of the top twenty, showing growth in double-digit figures over the last 24 hours.

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