Lightning in the published video showing the speed of Lightning Network

Lightning in the published video showing the speed of Lightning Network

Palo Alto – the legendary town. This is the place where the heart of companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, Apple, Facebook, VMware and Tesla Motors. A place where You can stroll past the house of Steve jobs, and after drinking a Cup of coffee by paying with bitcoins.

Alex Bosworth, a developer of “lightning” Protocol, already for a long time working on its implementation. 23 January, Alex has published in his Twitter a video demonstrating the speed of bitcoin transactions using the Lightning Network.

This is the second video of Alex where he shows us the operation of the Protocol LN. In the first failed to achieve wow-effect of the technical characteristics associated with scanning a QR code. And he picked up the second, where we see that the transaction rate is really high! Now — Wow!

In the previous video failed to demonstrate how fast the speed of the transaction gives LN. This is due to the scan time of the user interface and QR code. I shot another video, in which the speed can be seen much better. Note the gray bar on the monitor, the payment LN takes time from the moment I press Enter to “fill-in” of this band.

Well, without flattery we can say that the development team Lightning Network did a great job. If Bosworth will not slow down the pace, soon the bitcoin payment will be fast, convenient and simple.

Video transactions are in the core network.

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