Life stories: How to spend $20 000 on equipment for mining and fly into the pipe

Life stories: How to spend $20 000 on equipment for mining and fly into the pipe

In April the Russians kidnapped 19.4 thousand dollars in bitcoin when selling coins during a personal meeting with the buyer. The attacker waited until the money will go into crypto wallet, and then just turned and walked away.

The other day there was a similar story — Muscovite tried to buy mining hardware, but in the end lost a round sum.

According to investigators, 21-year-old resident of the Moscow region has published on the website free of ads an offer to sell mining hardware to mine cryptocurrencies and agreed to a deal with the 32-year-old resident of Moscow. In reality, the attacker was not ASIC miners or farms, when meeting with the buyer he just took the money and disappeared.

The sum amounted to about $20 000. The police opened a criminal case of fraud, and the attacker during the investigation released under a recognizance not to leave.

This story is another example of what not to do transaction with unverified sellers. The same applies to the sale or purchase of cryptocurrency in person. Do not be naive, as another inhabitant of Moscow who tried to sell bitcoins, but in the end lost 15 million rubles. The representative of the buyer of bitcoin has brought the cash, the parties discussed the conditions, after which the victim transferred the bitcoins from their electronic account to the account of the buyer. But to take the money, he could not — after the transfer has been confirmed, the office included an impressive view of the citizens who brought the buyer of cryptocurrency, calling it a fraud. At the same time they grabbed a bag of cash.

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