Liechtenstein Bank Frick first starts to trade cryptocurrencies

Liechtenstein Bank Frick first starts to trade cryptocurrencies

Liechtenstein Bank “Frick” has become the first regulated Bank to offer direct investment and cold storage five cryptocurrency. Representatives of the Bank stated this in a press release on February 28.

The Bank specialized in financial services for an international clientele, mainly professional investors and advisors, provides the opportunity to buy and sell Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple. Bank Frick offers all traders a high level of protection against theft of digital assets. The Bank implemented the storage of “cold” offline wallets, which ensure the safety and security of cryptocurrency.

The offer is designed for both professional market participants and financial intermediaries. Chief specialist on relations with the press Hubert Buchel told the media:

“Our goal is to make cryptocurrency banking the quality is not inferior to the classical banking business. Our services are in high demand from companies across Europe. They know we are reliable and implementing business models and cryptocurrency bloccano is in accordance with existing European standards.”

Frick is one of the first banks offering direct purchase of crypto-currencies, but given the growing popularity of investments in digital collections it is likely that many banks will soon follow suit.

“Intermediaries and their customers can explore a new, fascinating universe with direct purchases to diversify and invest without correlation with other asset classes”.

It is important to note that trading will be allowed only to those customers who have undergone the process of identification.

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