Liberty Ross Ulbricht: Cryptocommunist requires to have mercy upon the founder of the Silk Road

Liberty Ross Ulbricht: Cryptocommunist requires to have mercy upon the founder of the Silk Road

After February 2018 Ross Ulbricht was denied release from prison, his family and legal team filed a motion in the U.S. Supreme court based on constitutional violations during the investigation and sentencing. The petition was supported by 21 organisations, but the court rejected it again on June 28.

In the struggle for the liberation of Ross Ulbricht 3 days ago drew up a new petition on At the moment, the petition has collected 9774+ signatures of the required 10 000.

Lyn Ulbricht wept in the courtroom when he saw Marshall put his hand on the shoulder of her son, to bring him back to his cell after the verdict. Events occurred in the district court in Manhattan in may 2015. That day, Lin said that will never abandon her son, whom she believes is innocent. The struggle for justice is not over for this family.

“My son, Ross Ulbricht, is serving a double life sentence plus 40 years without the possibility of parole for the web site that he created when he was 26 years old, believing in free markets and respect for private life. Ross — scout, scientist and civilian entrepreneur with no criminal record”

Ulbricht, under the alias “Dread Pirate Roberts,” also known as “DPR”, had been convicted of creating in 2011, Silk Road, the infamous international website on the Darknet. The arrest took place in 2013.

Silk Road is described in the report as “e-Commerce platform like eBay, where users decide what to buy.” Ross was convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering to maintain the functioning of the “criminal enterprise”.

Judge Katherine Forrest said that Ross will suffer the “most severe punishment”, but to impose a death sentence could not, limited by applicable law, even if I wanted to.

“The authors of the petition for the release of Ross believe that life imprisonment — an unheard of sentence for a young man without criminal past,” writes the organization

A new team of lawyers Ulbricht, the lawyers for Williams and Connolly said they found some contradictions in the investigation, citing the illegal actions of two FBI agents who conducted the Federal investigation into Silk Road.

“Ross is doomed to death in prison, not because he was engaged in selling drugs, and for a website where others did. His punishment is much harsher than many murderers, pedophiles, rapists and other criminals,” the petition reads.

From new York, Ulbricht was transferred to the prison maximally strict regime under the name USP Florence. The family said that the prison intended for the most dangerous criminals in the country, and they don’t understand why Ross it was there serving a life sentence.

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