Lenovo is going to get another patent in the field of blockchain

Lenovo is going to get another patent in the field of blockchain

New patent application suggests Lenovo, the Chinese tech giant is able to use blockchain technology for the validation of physical documents.

In a statement issued by the Office of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO) last Thursday, Lenovo describes the procedure, which uses a digital signature encoded in the physical documents that can be processed with computers to verify the legitimacy of the document. The application was first submitted in August 2016.

The computer decodes the signature and translates it into a digital “map” of the document, which can then be compared with the physical copy. The statement said that the digital signature is a “secure the blockchain” in each of the blocks which contains several digital signatures. Lenovo explains that “secure the blockchain” is actually a distributed database.

It further States that each unit contains “information on the physical document at different points in time.”

Using a secure blockchain, anyone can determine the authenticity of the document, even if there are multiple paper copies, and several participants, each of whom has made changes to the blockchain. Fakes will be shown as abandoned blocks in the network.

Lenovo claims that the advantage of this product is that all parties owning a copy of this document will be able to easily check if they work with copiee authentic or not.

This is not the first Lenovo experiment with blockchain technology. Last year Forbes reported that IBM has partnered with the company to develop a system of billing based on the blockchain to make the billing process more transparent.

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