Legendary drummer of Guns N’ Roses launches blockchain project for artists

Legendary drummer of Guns N’ Roses launches blockchain project for artists

Ex-drummer of Guns N’ Roses Matt Sorum announced the creation of Artbit is a new virtual platform that will help creative professionals share their talents and monetize them from anywhere in the world.

Musicians, for example, will be able to place on the platform of music, and in virtual scenes held online concerts, while fans worldwide will have the opportunity to watch live performances, to comment and even participate in them participation. Artists will receive a fee automatically on crypto.

“Before I became a famous musician, I roamed the alleys of Hollywood, playing wherever I could, sleeping anywhere, and eating noodles. Today is easier to achieve recognition, but to receive payment became more difficult. With Artbit we give the power back into the hands of fans to tell the world who deserve attention. We want the dreams of artists come true,” says Matt Sorum.

Founded by Sorum and Pablo Martins, along with Renan Mangonon, Saulo Mangonon and Jean-Philippe Innocent, Artbit platform was created to help unrecognized artists, musicians, street artists, performers, magicians, dancers earn on their talents without intermediaries and to protect their intellectual property.

Community Artbit will be built on the platform of Hedera Hashgraph and will work as a virtual agent, which helps artists to manage smart contracts. “This is a public distributed registry where people can interact and trade information,” said Sorum. “Artists will be able to decide with whom to communicate, advertising their music or performance.”

“For example, on such platforms as Spotify, not every musician can earn income. With Artbit we will have direct access, artists will be able to get online immediately, without a huge amount of advertising. There is a community that is able to monetize their art directly, without intermediaries, through direct payments, wallets, cryptocurrencies, and is a community that is safe and stable, will be built on Hashgraph,” explains the legendary rocker. “In the music industry was for decades so that the musician was the last person who received the money. At Artbit we will be the first who gets the money.”

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