Leading bankers leaving their posts to join the cryptocurrency companies

Leading bankers leaving their posts to join the cryptocurrency companies

Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, bankers leaving their posts to join the cryptocurrency companies. The last “deserters” traditional financial sector was the financial Director of the largest Bank in Australia by Rob Hudsona, former President of UBS in China Karen Chen, and former Goldman Sachs banker Chris Matta.

Former chief financial officer of Bank Commonwealth Bank Rob Jesudason yesterday resigned to join the project Block.one. This is a company whose goal is to create new software called EOS.IO. This will support the already known applications based on the blockchain. This means that the app will have same appearance as existing original app, but with all the benefits of blockchain transparency, safety, integrity, process, speed, and lower fees on the transaction. In other words, block.one plans to make a decision on the blockchain available for businesses.

Earlier Jesudason collaborated with the American multinational investment Bank and financial services company JPMorgan, as well as other traditional financial institutions.

Chief Executive officer of Block.one Brendan Blumer said that unusually excited by the fact that their team was joined by Jesudason:

Rob behind successful experience with global financial services, he participates in industry innovations and contributes to the normative promotion that allows you to implement new technologies. Rob meets our organizational priorities building a compliant, high-performance blockchain solutions and is therefore ideal for Block.one. We carefully searched for the right person.

Meanwhile, Karen Chen, the former President of UBS (China) Ltd., officially appointed CEO of cryptocurrency company Higgs Block Technology Pte. Ltd. The company, founded in August, includes a exchanger called Coinsuper and branches, which provide private banking, OTC trading and consulting services in the cryptocurrency industry.

Care Chen from the scope of traditional Finance in cryptocurrency illustrates the rapidly growing trend in both spaces. Karen explained its decision in a statement :

There is a market need to undermine the industry by integrating advanced technologies with traditional financial assets and services, to help investors to bridge this gap.

A former Goldman Sachs banker Chris Matta resigned from the company just days after his appointment to the position of Vice-President, together with his two former colleagues to create a private investment Fund that focuses on cryptocurrencies.

Matta said:

I absolutely do not regret my decision. Honestly, it was the most exciting months of my life. In the crypto-world, every month is like a year in the space of securities. During this time, so many things have changed, many things occur. On the market are going to get new players.

With news of such “transitions” that happen every day, it’s safe to expect that the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry will continue to steal talent from traditional financial institutions.

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