Laszlo Geinitz: “Satoshi Nakamoto was an overbearing paranoid”

Laszlo Geinitz: “Satoshi Nakamoto was an overbearing paranoid”

So far nothing really is known about the identity of the Creator of Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto disappeared from the Internet in April 2011, leaving behind only a thin trail of bread crumbs from emails he exchanged with early developers of Bitcoin, comments on online forums and the original White Paper.

Assumptions about the identity of Nakamoto abound, however, this is all conjecture, which only lead to a dead end. One of the developers of Bitcoin Laszlo Hanic guy bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC, told Business Insider about his correspondence with Satoshi in 2010.

Their interaction started when Haniz that mainil bitcoins on his laptop, and has expressed interest in the development of online development of cryptocurrency. Nakamoto agreed and within a year sent Janicu tasks .

According to Haniza his Association with the Nakamoto has always been “strange”.

I understood that Bitcoin is fascinating and I wanted to participate, but I had a regular job. Nakamoto sent me emails like, ” Hey, can you fix this error?” “Hey, can you do it?”

Hanic told that it was working on a free Bitcoin, and Nakamoto treated him as a staffer.

“— We have a few bugs, — said Satoshi. — We have to deal with this.

We? — asked Laszlo. — We are not a work horse”

Heinitz several times wanted to say: “Hey, you’re not my boss”, but didn’t because he thought the collaboration with Satoshi something meaningful.

Also, according to Laszlo, Satoshi evaded answers to many questions.

Nakamoto seems to have been not too concerned about the development of mining. He concentrated on the community to get as many use cases for Bitcoin in trade. He fully realized that mining will bring true wealth not all users of the network.

Heinitz Satoshi wrote letters with questions and topics for discussion during the week. Nakamoto answered all.

“I assumed that he was busy working on other things,” said Heinitz.

Although Heinitz and Nakamoto worked on a busy, highly technical project together, Laszlo says that Nakamoto has always maintained a veil of anonymity, to such an extent that it has become a strange.

“He or she, or whoever it was, never told me anything personal. I asked a few questions, but he always shied away from them.”

The name Nakamoto of Heinitz, like many others, assumed that he speaks with a slightly eccentric person of Asian origin.

But there were a few letters in which Nakamoto was being paranoid.

“There were a few times when I got messages at all off-topic, but I didn’t pay any attention to them. Who cares what this guy told me to bring pound sand and fuck off? It was not my job, it was a hobby.”

Looking back, Heinitz recognizes that paranoia Nakamoto understood.

“If something happened with the code early on, we wouldn’t have this conversation today,” he said.

Heinitz used to communicate with the eccentric people over the Internet, but its interaction with Nakamoto called his “strange feelings”.

To summarize Laszlo admitted that he deeply respects the project Nakamoto, and the person or team behind the name. According to Haniza Bitcoin today would not, decide Satoshi to remain anonymous.

“It’s exciting because people love a good mystery, but I try to explain that it doesn’t matter who created Bitcoin, he could have at least a psychopathic killer. People like to label the heroes or a villain, but in cryptosphere your code should speak for itself. Charisma and inner world mean little if you’re a developer. Ultimately you will be judged on the quality of your code and your idea.”

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