Last night one of the addresses Ripple got 2 600 334 965 XRP or 6.5% of all coins on the market

Last night one of the addresses Ripple got 2 600 334 965 XRP or 6.5% of all coins on the market

Created at the end of 2017 unknown address in the Ripple network, yesterday evening, received three incoming transactions total number 2 600 334 965 XRP, which translated into US dollars is more than 960 000 000.

  • The first sender: 999 999 959 XRP
  • Second, the sender: 749 999 979 XRP
  • The third sender: 850 335 027 XRP

After a little research, it turned out that the address of the first sender associated with Chris Larsen, co-founder of Ripple, at least the address of the network bears his name:

In early 2013, his address was translated two transactions at the 500 000 000 each to the addresses with the name “Rippleworkstransfer3” and “rplworksfoundation4”, which were these coins until end of July 2015, after which it was again sent to one public address, where he lay until yesterday.

The second sender associated with a very active address created in August of 2015, with almost 400 transactions, the time associated with the exchange Bitstamp, one arber dedaj and many other marked by addresses on the network. Despite the fact that trace or assume the identity remains a considerable challenge at this address at the end of 2015, around 2.5% of the total number of XRP that puts him in some very important players.

Third, the sender reiterated in touch with arber dedaj and tracing a few transactions further up the chain, we came to “X. Distributor.1”, which in 2013 distributed about 80% of all XRP created in various wallets.


In General, we have replenish some address nearly $1 000 000 000 or approximately 6.5% of the total circulating amount of XRP on the market. Address tightly associated with one of the founders, Chris Larsen, and many of the earlier holders of XRP and system addresses.

Given the fact that the team does not have the habit to report on the actions undertaken in the network, it can be as huge OTC transaction and redistribution of the coins between the developers and other team members.

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