KUNA cryptocurrency exchange launched trading Bitcoin to Cash UAH

KUNA cryptocurrency exchange launched trading Bitcoin to Cash UAH

Yesterday, 4 January 2018, 15:00, cryptocurrency exchange KUNA opened the bidding BCH/UAH (Bitcoin Cash for the hryvnia).

The next one is Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) in the near future. After them will begin to add the remaining mining of the currency of the top 10. All trades will be conducted to the local currency.

Cryptocurrency exchange KUNA was launched in 2016, the first bitcoin Agency in the CIS – KUNA Bitcoin Agency. The main objective of the exchange gateway from scriptaction in UAH for individuals and small businesses. Intuitiveness, ease of use and reliability – these qualities are some of the numerous advantages of the exchange.

As for “high” commissions on stock exchange – let’s compare. The greater part of the exchanges of the world’s largest speed-20, the Commission, at the conclusion of the PTS is the same as in KUNA – 0.001 BTC. While KUNA accounts to collect transactions on a conclusion and not instantly send one, but several pieces and with a delay due to the load on the bitcoin network and huge queues. “Arrive just in time” to the Commission so that the transaction included a maximum in the third block from the sending to the network.

About the fee for withdrawal of Ethereum, it is worth noting that it is equal to 0.01 ETN on most of the exchanges of the first 20. If the situation with the network broadcast stabiliziruemost, and observation will show that transactions with low Commission successfully held for a sufficiently long period of time, KUNA may review the Commission downward.

And while it is possible to buy Bitcoin for Cash hryvnia.

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