KuCoin closes all trading pair with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

KuCoin closes all trading pair with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) continues to lose support on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

This week, the popular cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin announced the removal of all trading pairs Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The main reason is the user reviews. The official statement reads that:

Due to our rapid growth in the first quarter we added to our platform many new markets. Now, at the beginning of the second quarter, we intend to make a few changes based on the feedback of our users. We will remove some pairs to trade such currencies as the KCS, USDT and NEO, in addition, all the trading pairs from BCH will also be deleted.

For KCS were removed three shopping pair, for USDT and NEO – six, but the worst of all of course had Bitcoin Cash, for which all the trading pairs, including: “FOTA / BCH, KCS / BCH DENT / BCH, ACT / BCH UTK / BCH, DAT / XAS and BCH / BCH” was removed.

If the cause really lies in the dissatisfaction of the users, it seems that the demand for trading pair Bitcoin Cash is declining rapidly.

KuCoin is not the only popular exchange, which refuses to Cash Bitcoin. Recently OKEX also closed all markets with Bitcoin Cash (BCH):

We close all trade pairs for BCH at 18:00 on 30 March 2018 (Hong Kong time) due to insufficient liquidity.

We recommend as soon as possible to cancel your pending order or our system will cancel all of them at the moment of closing automatically.

At least at the moment, it is clear that Bitcoin Cash loses to his opponent – SegWit.

According BitMEX Research, since the launch of a competing Bitcoin Cash was committed 6.1 transactions using SegWit. This is by 20.1% more than the total number of transactions BCH.

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