Kraken Troll Coinbase for the announcement of the listing Cardano and zcash for

Kraken Troll Coinbase for the announcement of the listing Cardano and zcash for

One of the largest exchanges Kraken recently published a sarcastic statement in response to the unexpected decision Coinbase about listing five other cryptocurrencies.

14 Jul Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage company, announced the completion of the integration plan Cardano, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), zcash for (ZEC) and 0x (ZRX) on the platform.

Coinbase said that the company has not received regulatory approval, including the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), and the announcement was published in order to publicly Express the company’s intention to integrate five digital assets:

“Unlike Ethereum Classic, which is technically similar to Ethereum, these assets require further analysis and contact with many external parties. To ensure that this news is not a rumor, we publicly declare our intentions. Please note that we do not guarantee the listing of any of these assets. We can either support them partially, or only in specific jurisdictions. In particular, some assets may not be available in the US, for example.”

Kraken, as already mentioned, to take such actions with surprise and misunderstand. To publicly Express their dissatisfaction with such ad exchange posted a sarcastic tweet:

“An exciting and important revelation for the community today. Kraken considered the possibility of adding more than 1,600 new coins. But first we must finish the complex process of research tokens. To evaluate your new features, go to CoinMarketCap”.

The majority of investors and users in the global cryptocurrency market reacted positively to the prospect of listing five new scriptaction on Coinbase, two of which (0x and BAT) conducted the ICO in 2017.

The efforts of Coinbase to transfer assets, such as 0x, and the BAT will require cooperation with financial authorities and the SEC, however, that, in the opinion of the majority, paving the way for wider implementation of cryptography in the global market.

It is known that when Coinbase successfully conducted the listing of a token on its platform in tandem with the U.S. dollar, and other cryptocurrency exchanges on the market add these assets behind, especially in the United States, consistently with the SEC and local financial regulations of the country.

Consequently, the answer Kraken was funny only for a small part of the cryptocurrency community, and the efforts of Coinbase to add new assets even in a period of uncertainty the regulation has been welcomed.

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