Kodak introduced its bitcoin miner

Kodak introduced its bitcoin miner

Kodak has licensed its name for a new miner. This became known after the announcement of the company about to launch its own cryptocurrency.

A new product called Kodak KashMiner, as reported by Business Insider, yesterday demonstrated at a trade show CES in Las Vegas. A license to use the name of the company received a California company Spotlite Energy Systems. The company plans to deliver the miners in rent and half of the proceeds to yourself.

In particular, Kodak and Spotlite insist on advance payment of $ 3400 (according to some sources 4000) U.S. dollars. It is planned that the miners will be able to produce bitcoins per month in the amount of 375 dollars, and in two years will bring about 9,000 USD.

Kodak plans to use his old power to organize mining centre. At the moment we know that the enterprise will be located in Rochester. There is also the company’s headquarters as a power plant, which will provide mining center cheap electricity. The approximate price of 4 cents per kilowatt hour.

Critical accusations Kodak continues to receive, many believe that the company just took advantage of the hype around the blockchain and cryptocurrency and is trying to increase the value of their shares.

Even if it were valid the company’s goal, she certainly succeeded! Last week, the price per share was equal to 3 dollars but today the price is about 10-11 dollars.

Curiously, the new product has certain similarities with the S9 product from Bitmain (they are really very similar), and many commentators emphasize this similarity in social networks.

The representative of Spotlite stated in interview bi-Bi-si, that the company is already seeing demand for miners, and that it plans to increase capacity to meet the needs of everyone.

We now have 80 miners, but we expect that in the near future will come even 300. The demand is very strong.

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