KFC Canada has begun to accept bitcoin

KFC Canada has begun to accept bitcoin

Network of KFC restaurants in Canada began to take bitcoin, however, is only for a limited time and with bitcoin you can pay only one themed dish.

This is part of the marketing campaign of a new product “The Bitcoin Bucket” (a Bucket of bitcoins), the cost of which is approximately 20 canadian dollars.

Directly at the restaurant to pay with bitcoin will not work.

Instead, the company accepts bitcoin through BitPay at checkout online. And then “The Bitcoin Bucket” will be delivered directly at the client.

KFC Canada seems to be trying to play on the public hype around the cryptocurrency. Advertising campaign and the name of the dish is really built around cryptocurrencies.

However, unlike some public companies, the price of whose shares went up after the announcement of the integration of new technology or just change the name, this step seems not to have affected the price of Yum! Brands, parent company of KFC.

In one of the tweets SMM KFC Canada, suggested that the company could start accepting other cryptocurrencies in the future.

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