Katy Perry met with Warren Buffett to hear his opinion on Bitcoin

Katy Perry met with Warren Buffett to hear his opinion on Bitcoin

The American pop diva has published in his Instagram account a curious photo. It 68 million subscribers, saw Perry at the time of the meeting with the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett.

“…And I asked Warren Buffett what he thinks about cryptocurrencies,” the singer posted on Twitter where she has nearly 110 million subscribers. What he said on this occasion remains a mystery, but we all know that Buffett is famous for his critical statements about Bitcoin.

Being one of the richest men in the world and one of the most famous investors, Buffett has in the past been critical of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. In 2014, the “Oracle of Omaha” said that people should “stay away” from Bitcoin, insisting that cryptocurrency is only a Mirage and a “bad joke”.

Last month, Buffett again rained down on Bitcoin a barrage of criticism, this time claiming that the price of Bitcoin is a “real bubble.” The investor added that is not optimistic about the possibilities of IPOs of coins (ICO).

“You can’t appreciate Bitcoin because it is not a valuable asset.”

While Perry and Buffett spoke of the market of the digital currency experienced a massive surge value soaring to $billion 327,2 it was basically provoked by the increase in value of BTC, which is now trading at $12960.

However, the fact that Katie posted a photo of the meeting with Buffett, the theme of which was the cryptocurrency market, indicates that Bitcoin enters the minds of a growing number of people . Given that Perry is about 68 million followers on Instagram and nearly 110 million on Twitter, the singer may open a new way to influence millions of potential investors who are interested in life of celebrities.

People much rather listen to what the beloved pop star than the opinion of a boring banker with wall street. This, in turn, may again raise the price of Bitcoin because post Katie will entail a new wave of investors.

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