“Kaspersky lab”, a Digital identity on the darknet you can buy for $1

“Kaspersky lab”, a Digital identity on the darknet you can buy for $1

According to a new study of “Kaspersky Lab”, the average value of the stolen digital user profile in darkwave is $1. Typically, the cybercriminals receive user profile information during phishing attacks and vulnerabilities in applications and software.

Experts “Kaspersky Lab” conducted a study of the darknet markets, which found that cyber criminals can sell “digital life” user for less than $50. This will include details of social media accounts, Bank details, remote access to servers or desktops, information from popular services and Uber, Netflix and Spotify, games resources, applications for Dating and porn sites. The price for one account hacked on average is $1. When purchasing wholesale make discount.

Today, “digital identity” is an essential asset for cybercriminals, as hypothetically they are able to take the money in debt or commit a crime on behalf of another person.

Usually theft of digital profiles takes place in the course of phishing attacks and use information and applications. After the success of such an attack, attackers get the password databases that contain email addresses and passwords to log into a particular service.

It is noted that some crooks selling user data on the darknet, even offer customers a lifetime warranty: if one account stops working, instead he will be given another completely free.

In October, the newspaper Independent reported that the darknet sites that sell data of more than 50 million users Facebook.

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