Justin San gives 20 million dollars: How to get money?

Justin San gives 20 million dollars: How to get money?

Attention all freebie lovers — Justin San is going to distribute 20 million dollars in airdrop. Previously, the Creator of Tron has announced that it will give Tesla a random subscriber, who will share his notes on Twitter. The number of applicants to the car is increasing every day, don’t waste your chance.

Why not

We will remind, 2019 for Tron began with a series of successes. First, the project team reported the successful holding of the token-ICO BitTorrent. Then TRX came in a rating of the best crypto according to the Chinese analysts. Finally, the coin became one of the few who showed a positive growth at the beginning of the year.

To share the joy with the others, Justin is even willing to fork out decent.

To celebrate the success of BTT and Tron, I am planning to start idrop a total cost of $ 20 million. The good news is he will be soon bad — I can hand out even more money! First, I’ll choose 1 winner at random for a brand new Tesla until March 27! To participate in the contest, subscribe to me and retinite this entry!

Distribution is rapidly gaining momentum — at the moment the entry Sana shared for more than 40 thousand users. Accurate information about airdrop, unfortunately, no.

Why San decided to give it $ 20 million? At first glance this is a fairly large amount that would not be worth “wasting”. However, the ICO BitTorrent brought huge profits even in a bear market that gave the team a Tron additional resources. Besides, Justin knows how to skillfully manage money. 20 million is not wasted on them, he will buy the hype and even more advertise your project.

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