JP Morgan has acknowledged Bitcoin as a valuable asset

JP Morgan has acknowledged Bitcoin as a valuable asset

Despite the fact that Jamie Dimon has clearly defined boundaries with respect to Bitcoin, for which JP Morgan to have to come in, the company once again violated their praise of the digital token as the “new gold.”

JP Morgan analysts believe that Bitcoin has changed the direction of development, and soon, like gold, can be a reliable, long-term way to accumulate values. The recent rise in prices and change in decision made leading cryptocurrency to begin to position itself as a digital gold, and that JP Morgan can see her value.

According to the analyst of JP Morgan Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, an incredible surge of Bitcoin allows it to compete as a class the value of the asset; and, it seems, he withdraws from the foreign exchange race.

The Bitcoin market is changing, especially when it comes to investing. Strategist at American financial holding Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou said:

“The forthcoming launch of futures contracts on well-known exchanges can give bitcoin legitimacy and to increase the attractiveness of cryptocurrency market, both for retail and institutional investors.”

An ongoing debate about what you should invest in gold or Bitcoin that is more popular and can one destroy the other. There is no doubt that the precious metal is more stable and safe, but not as exciting as Bitcoin.

BTC continues to lag behind gold, whose market capitalization is $ 6 trillion. However, the speed with which it grows in price, is impressive. A huge surge of growth can lead to the fact that in the near future cryptocurrency as an investment asset, catch up or even surpass gold.

Banks were nervous about Bitcoin and how it can liberate people from Fiat currency, but the battles subsided, since the future of Bitcoin is now focused on establishing him as a valuable asset.

Instead of trying to challenge the established banking system, Bitcoin is behaving as if out of adolescence. The world is literally covered global digital gold rush.

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