John McAfee will pay $100 000 to the one who hacked “100% unbreakable” purse

John McAfee will pay $100 000 to the one who hacked “100% unbreakable” purse

John McAfee continues to haunt the community with his antics. This King Outrageous promises a reward to anyone who can hack cryptocurrency wallet Bitfi, which is considered a “100% unbreakable”.

Bitfi main goal to obtain the status of the reliable purse in the world. But we, like all other users, the necessary evidence so many big statements. John McAfee has devoted to this device in numerous posts on social networks, and finally decided that the surest way to either detect the vulnerability, or to prove its absence will incite Bitfi every hacker in the world. A cash prize of $ 100 000 is the best way to draw their attention to development.

The marketing team Bitfi fast enough formulated official rules for the award:

“We firmly believe in the need for a bounty to defend our position relative to the wallet Bitfi. This rebate program is not intended to help identify vulnerabilities, because we are already 100% sure in absolute safety of our device, which is impossible to crack by a hacker attack. Rather, this program aims to demonstrate to all who claim that nothing is absolutely invulnerable, and those who believe that they are able to hack Bitfi, the absurdity of such statements”

We believes it is important the fact that the absence of a person capable of hacking the device and the invulnerability of this device are two different things. The same applies to the purse Bitfi — it is likely that a hacker who is able to crack it, just not interested.

So, to take part in the bounty program to start, you need to buy a purse Bitfi to pay an additional $ 50 to acquire a bitcoin you and try to steal.

The rules for obtaining rewards is simple:

  • If you successfully print the coins and empty wallet, it will be considered a successful break-in
  • Save proof that the purse is empty
  • Further are encouraged to expect admission to your account $ 100 000

McAfee also requested to publish any hacking attempt that this process has helped others in their quest to get money.

According to statements Bitfi, their bounty program is not aimed at finding bugs. So keep in mind, if you manage to hack the device, this is not a detection bug, it is a gift that will make you rich, like a Golden ticket to the chocolate factory Willy Wonka, cash only.

$ 100,000 from McAfee and Bitfi — one of the most profitable opportunities for potential hackers to hit the jackpot. In June, one coder earned more than $ 120,000 in just over a week discovered vulnerabilities in network EOS. A month later, a similar program conducted TRON, Monero and Augur.

Still, in our opinion, absolutely invulnerable devices and purses don’t exist. Confidence Bitfi in the end, may be not the best way. The lack of hacks at the moment does not mean 100% security in the future. It is likely that a hacker can find a vulnerability and say nothing about it to subsequently “clean up” purse for millions.

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