John McAfee releases McAfee its own currency Coin?

John McAfee releases McAfee its own currency Coin?

John McAfee said today in his Twitter account about plans to launch its own currency, “McAfee Coin”. Looks like it will be Fitna currency backed cryptocurrency.

It all started when a little known cryptocurrency exchange SmartPayMINT placed on its platform photo Fiat currency with a face McAfee. Such was the representation of the artist about how it would look likely the currency with the image of John McAfee.

Last week, the name McAfee flashed in many headlines. It was connected with the publication of John’s “Declaration of independence from the currency” which was seen as a landmark event in the history of cryptocurrency. Of course, McAfee will aim to break traditional norms, issuing a currency backed by cryptography.

The collectible currency is a Fiat currency, the value of which is reinforced by the value of the cryptocurrency. Is it really “the other side of what the banks do”.

Fans of John on Twitter began to discuss his idea. For example, user Income Sharks said:

“Good interaction crypts and Fiat. It will be interesting to see how you distribute the coin, if it is true, of course.”

McAfee responded, saying:

“You’re gonna love this!”

User JF Carpio was optimistic to the idea of a new currency, saying:

“Thus we return to the gold standard”.

But a Tanke even invited John to visit:

“Come to Spain, You’ll like it here!”

An hour ago, McAfee made a new statement, confirming their intention to issue new currency:

No cheating. “McAfee Redemption Unit” is real and will be released in 26 days. The graphics are not super awesome, but I don’t want to pay a lot. Printed on paper currency hologram on both sides, is tied to the blockchain, ransomed, converted, kollektsioniruya.

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