John McAfee in surprise: “What’s wrong with paying for sex with bitcoin?”

John McAfee in surprise: “What’s wrong with paying for sex with bitcoin?”

Cyber security pioneer John McAfee is a very controversial person.

Programmer famous for his eccentric antics and has for many years been headlines in the media. Charges of illegal possession of weapons, the arrest in Belize, his candidacy for President of the United States – all this has little to do with antivirus software, his first claim to fame.

In addition, McAfee has publicly promised that will eat your dick if the price of Bitcoin reaches $500 000 by 2020 (this mark he later raised to $1 million).

Rumor has it that the adventures he is going to make a movie with johnny Depp in the title role.

In General, a very controversial personality of John McAfee. Therefore, he does not know why everyone is so alarmed after his statement on Twitter that he pays for the services of prostitutes and colleagues.

“I use cryptocurrency wherever possible. Food, entertainment, clothing, home and paid sex services, but my first car for the cryptocurrency was the Bentley Azure, purchased from Cape Cars Auto Group Llc 573-275-9663. Wonderful people. Great service.”

That his statement caused a public outcry, is not surprising. However, the McAfee noticed that it would be naive to even suggest that he never used the cryptocurrency for illicit transactions and purchases.

“I met my wife five years ago, when she worked as a prostitute,” he said, adding that he also bought drugs, pornography, and “almost every questionable product or service that you can imagine using cryptocurrency”.

Such statements explain the love McAfee to cryptocurrency monero.

Over the past few weeks it already the second case when exactly Twitter account McAfee induces so much noise. At the end of 2017 John’s account was hacked, to “promote” a number of cryptocurrencies.

Given the technological advances McAfee in the past, many ironically reacted to the incident. McAfee was outraged by the criticism:

“I may be an expert on security, but the security of Twitter I have no control over. I am the object of hatred of many, I’m the target. People create fake accounts, fake screenshots, fake claims. I’m the target for hackers, who have lost money and blame it on me. Please, do carry responsibility for their actions”

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