John McAfee headed Luxcore

John McAfee headed Luxcore

John McAfee has just been appointed CEO of Luxcore, replacing in this post by Brian Oliver, who agreed to leave the position of CEO.

Blockchain is a company that develops products for the security and privacy claims that the decision on the appointment of John CEO, is one of the strategic reorganization, which are specially designed for the significant growth of the cryptocurrency LuxCoin:

“We are pleased to announce @officialmcafee new CEO of Luxcore! The appointment of John is part of a larger reorganization of the staff, designed to encourage significant and rapid business growth. This is the beginning of a new era”

Meanwhile, McAfee, which conducted a campaign for mass adoption of cryptocurrency commented on his appointment:

“I took the position of General Director of LUXCORE. They worked hard behind the scenes, and soon we will announce about the changes we’ve all been waiting for. I still continue to lead a team of McAfee in her adventurous journey.”

Luxcore believes that he will become a first-class product, when John McAfee will begin its work as the General Director of the platform.

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Platform Luxcore uses an innovative algorithm PHI2 underlying token LuxCoin and products such as LuxGate and Parallel Masternodes. It is a kind of ecosystem for the development of blockchain-based solutions and services, whose main objective — the creation of safe and secure products for the needs of the business.

McAfee is considered a longtime preacher of the adoption of cryptocurrency. Respect him for his stance against the decision of some countries to set limits on cryptosecurity.

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