Jihan Wu goes from Bitmain and creates a new company?

Jihan Wu goes from Bitmain and creates a new company?

Rumor has it that the founder and former CEO of a Chinese mining company Bitmain Jihan Wu may leave his post to start a new company. The probability that she will become a branch Bitmain.

Wu was the head of Bitmain, when, after the growth of 2017, the company received a record profit of more than $ 1 billion Later irrational financial decisions and a drop in profitability of mining has led to deterioration of mining giant. Of course, the responsibility fell on the Director General of Wu.

About a month ago, appeared in the media publication that Wu resigned or was transferred to another post. On the official level, these assumptions are not confirmed or refuted by representatives of the company, however, it is clear that Wu is now less influential position.

Leaving the parent company to create a child would be a logical step for career development Woo, which would allow him to maintain control, Bitmain will hold an IPO under new management.

It is believed that the new company will be increasingly focused on Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is primarily supported by investment Woo.

Followers on Twitter have welcomed the departure of Wu’s from Bitmain, expressing doubts about the success of future endeavours.

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