Japanese miner was sentenced to prison for a hidden mining Monero

Japanese miner was sentenced to prison for a hidden mining Monero

The Japanese district court for the first time sentenced a person to imprisonment in the case of a hidden mining. The real term was the consequence of arrests conducted by the police in 10 prefectures.

On Monday, the Japanese media reported that the man received a year in prison for using other people’s computers without their consent.

According to the publication Nikkei, July 2 circuit court Sendai made the decision to award the 24-year-old unemployed citizen of the city of Amagasaki in Hyogo Prefecture one year in prison, with the sentence suspended for three years in connection with family circumstances of the defendant.

Articles Nikkei and Kahoku not mentioned the name of the remote tool used for mining, as well as the fact that mining crypto-currencies using scripting Coinhive was intentional.

However, a source familiar with this issue, explained that the defendant has added the program to your website, which was distributed online games, in January-February 2018. The man did not warn users about running on a hidden miner.

Fraudulent programs for games illegal in Japan and break the Law on a ban of competition in Japan. Violators can be brought by the police and punished for their acts of crime.

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