Japanese company launches cryptocurrency Fisco Fund $2,66 million

Japanese company launches cryptocurrency Fisco Fund $2,66 million

Japanese investment research firm and operator of bitcoin exchange Fisco announced the launch of kryptolite Fund.

The company, after the release of bonds for bitcoin, plans to invest more than 300 million yen (us$2,66 million) in bitcoin and other digital currencies in a new cryptocurrency Fund. On it informs news Agency Nikkei.

It is anticipated that the Fund, launched this month, will be in demand from investors because it is the first of its kind in Japan.

The company will get profit from the difference in prices for local and overseas cryptomeria. It is reported that the Fund will be financed by own funds Fisco and debt capital two FINTECH companies. According to preliminary estimates the return on investment of approximately 20% per annum.

Fisco launched in August 2016 cryptocurrency exchange, and invested in other exchanges, including TechBureau. In the same period, the company issued three-year bonds test, the cost of which amounted to 200 bitcoins.

Masayuki Tashiro, the chief officer of the Department of Fisco, then, in an interview with Bloomberg stated that the bond issue can generate income subject to the company’s support from the government.

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