Jack Dorsey: Work on the ecosystem of Bitcoin — I pay

Jack Dorsey: Work on the ecosystem of Bitcoin — I pay

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who has repeatedly confessed his love for Bitcoin (not so long ago, he said that buying cryptocurrencies is the number one weekly in the amount of at least 10 000 USD, and before that said that Bitcoin will be the currency of the Internet), did cryptologist an offer difficult to refuse: he would pay developers for full time, if they devote themselves bitcoin and other projects “of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

I love this technology and it community. I find it deeply principled, purposeful, sharp, and… very strange. Same as the early Internet! I am interested in knowing more about it.

“You are currently contributing to the Bitcoin ecosystem or other cryptoprocta for free? We would like to pay you to do it on a regular basis. If you are interested, email us and stay tuned. Thank you!”

The development of Bitcoin is open source and any developer can contribute. No company officially funding the development of this cryptocurrency, and it has no leader.

Before you write about the fact that it offers serious job and decent pay, Dorsey sooby:

“Square is hiring 3-4 engineers [to work on cryptocurrency] and [one] of the designer, to work on full-time on the ecosystem [Bitcoin / cryptocurrency]”.

However, Dorsey’s enthusiasm is not surprising. In fact, he was one of the first investors of Bitcoin Lightning Network, the proposed solution to the problem of scaling. He also advocated the advantages of this network in his recent appearance in one of the most popular podcasts.

Cryptologist responded briskly and took Dorsey with open arms, especially after he got on Twitter share “Lightning Torch”, in which users send a small amount of Satoshi via the Lightning Network, to demonstrate commitment to cryptosphere and easy transfer of digital assets. This project was conceived as a social experiment, but he encountered difficulties because of the great interest of users, there is a shortage of liquidity.

In his post Dorsey calls specifically Bitcoin, while the other mentioned “cryptocurrency ecosystem” remains a mystery. Perhaps he will explain later.

On the initiative of the General Director of Twitter have responded the head of the Binance Chanpen Zhao: he said that if the proposal of Jack Dorsey, for whatever reason, are not satisfied with the applicants, they can get a job in Binance. While Zhao said that pays its employees a BTC or BNB.

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